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Super Happy, Filthy Rich (book)


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In her long awaited first published book, Julie Piantadosi delves into what is really required of us on a daily basis to achieve a life of extreme happiness and amazing wealth.

This short, sharp, no-nonsense book goes straight to the core of the mindset, beliefs, values, aspirations and work ethic possessed by the worlds most successful, grounded and truly joyful people.

 The two part book encompasses the below chapters:

  1. Excellence always
  2. Law of attraction. Can you really do anything?
  3. Super happy and bloody nice!
  4. Stop playing victim (nobody owes you anything!)
  5. What you give is what you get (relationships)
  6. The power of NO
  7. Dreamtakers
  8. Mastering confrontation

SECTION 2: BUSINESS IS EASY (staff is hard)

  1. Who: Your people
  2. How : Your systems
  3. What : Product or service
  4. Now: Profit and commission

Suitable for anyone who wants it all!


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